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Being outside is the way to go.

Climbing in Yosemite 2005

Climbing in Yosemite 2005

It just doesn’t get much better than Southern California, as far as sheer number of things you can do. Admittedly there are places where you can do one or two things much better, but how many places can you surf in the morning and snow ski in the afternoon.

The Sierras are a serene mountain range, on the east side they are well preserved with areas that you could swear are untouched, or at least not scarred by humans.


Yosemite has some absolute landmarks, that everyone should see at least once. Yosemite can be a bit hectic during the summer, but is absolutely worth a trip.

Rainbow below Vernal Falls

Rainbow below Vernal Falls

Toulomne Meadows has some really nice hikes, although keep in mind you are already over 8000 feet when you start. See my photos from a group backpack to Glen Aulin and a solo backpack to Lower Cathedral Lake – like the commercial – priceless.

Check out these extreme resolution pictures of Yosemite, and some other extreme resolution photos.

Kings Canyon and Sequoia

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National parks have the natural beauty of Yosemite without the landmarks and crowds. The backpacking is fantastic.

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is not your textbook park, as it won’t impress someone who doesn’t appreciate nature. Truly a climbing paradise, during the winter it is warm during the day, cold at night – perfect for working on your climbing and drinking passions.

And the beaches…

Torrey Pines cliffs 2006

Torrey Pines cliffs 2006

Just one of many Southern California beaches – Torrey Pines is an oasis among the hustle and bustle. Interstate 5, a constant traffic jam lies only a mile or so from this State park, but you’d never know it.