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USN Basic Training & schooling 1982 – mid 1983

I joined the Navy in October 1981, started bootcamp in January 1982, completing Electronics Technician training pipeline around May 1983.

USS Gridley CG-21 May 1983 – July 1986

I was stationed onboard a Leahy class crusier for 39 months, completing a yard period, deployment workups and a seven and a half month Western Pacific (westpac) deployment.

Special Boat Unit 13 1987 – 1988

I worked on the Patrol Boats and Seafox combatant craft, earned NEC 9533 and worked as AOIC on Patrol Boat 757 during a Persian Gulf deployment on SPECOPS barge Wimbrown 7. I also managed the ET shop (RADAR/COMM/NAV) when not deployed.

Navy Center for Tactical Systems Interoperability (NCTSI) 1988 – 1990

Managed the Link 11 support group. Deployed to NAS Singonella just prior to Desert Storm.

Naval Special Warfare Group One – Mobile Communications Team 1990 – 1996

Deployed extensively to both ends of Asia, Guam, Philippines, and Alaska. Managed the Communications shop (15 – 25 techs) when not deployed. Tim Weichel and I began work on the NSWIXS system in 1994, a communications & operations platform/methodology that would be incorporated into the Special Forces Base Station (SFBS) circa 1999 and the Mission Support Center (MSC) on NAB Coronado circa 2002.

ViaSat, Inc. 1996 – 1999

Worked in the Networking business group, primarily focused on delivering Advanced Data Controller (ADC) products to Special Forces, USMC, USAF customers. The networking group also worked on VME based Type One encryption devices.

Jaycor 1999 – 2002

Supported Air Force and Navy customers in several organizations, and during exercises. These customers were the foundation of my Global Hawk support.

SYS Technologies 2002 – 2006

After 9/11 the Global Hawks went operational to support the efforts in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. Tim Weichel and I were uniquely positioned and able to provide a product called Metis which provided broadband distribution capabilities using FTP and Unicast protocols and low to high secure data transfers from unclassified to SECRET and SECRET to Top Secret networks.

Talk about a dream job – SYS left us alone to work on our project – we had great people on the team, and we were providing a necessary product to help our country and save lives. Where do we go from there?

Wheelock Systems 2006 – Present

While looking for an interesting new position I started doing consulting work for some goverment contractors. Interesting projects – rewriting COM components and working with Web services and SOAP.