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Once again – at idle

I guess it’s inevitable (at least for me), that when you have been doing something most of your life it occasionally moves to the background. I’m not currently involved in any musical projects. Time will tell what is next for me musically.

Around 2003 - Rickenbacker 4003S5

Around 2003 - Rickenbacker 4003S5

My equipment currently includes:

  • Pedulla Pentabuzz 5 string
  • Carvin 6 string
  • Fender Jazz – Geddy Lee
  • Ampeg SVT-4
  • Ampeg PR-410HLF x 2 cabs

So let’s pay tribute

House of Blues - ZOO2 - 2008

House of Blues - ZOO2 - 2008

Well, you know how when you are ten you think someday I’ll be doing X, Y, and Z… Doing a tribute band is that reality check – never thought it would be a worthwhile effort, but when compared to playing covers in a bar where they would prefer a jukebox, it works. My last big project was ZOO2 – U2 Tribute, a great excuse to build a recording studio.

Thank god I like a really diverse selection of music, play Tool’s Ænema followed by Sting’s Fragile and you get the idea. If I have my way and get to colaborate on some originals, that’s the range I’d like to cover.

Current bassist’s that inspire me are Justin Chancellor of Tool and Ryan Martinie of Mudvayne.

Around 1980 or so Rick 4001

Around 1980 or so Rick 4001

Way back

OK, so let’s roll the calendar way back.

Blackfoot Idaho, back in the mids 70’s, first song I learned on bass was Aerosmith “Seasons of Wither”, what a classic band – Aerosmith.

Learning the bass guitar after the inital couple of songs became an exercise of learning the toughest songs I could find, that I liked – mostly Rush – album by album.

Music is always a spiritual experience, but more so when the guys are like brothers…Chris Orpineda, Gary Thompson, Kevin Alva, and Bill Romer – there were some days in Norco that can’t (and shouldn’t) be repeated. Thanks guys…