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Quad 20" widescreens

Quad 20" widescreens

Is that really necessary?

Well the easy answer is probably not, but these things happen when you don’t have reliable adult supervision for a guy with some disposable income. The monitor setup (5 counting the 17″ on the left) makes it really easy to do digital recording in the studio. It also works pretty well for doing development of applications and web sites, when using Radmin to control the servers.

I guess looking at my work history it’s pretty obvious I’ve been working with computers, networks and technology for quite a while. I cut my teeth with computers back in the days of the Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), which were commonplace before the Internet and it’s connectivity arrived. I met some very gracious, talented people who didn’t feel the need to protect their expertise – I learned alot from them.

Tips and Tricks

I’ll be posting tips and tricks here, and may actually start sending out a newsletter.

  • Keep your virus protection up to date.
  • Back up anything that is important to you – docs – pictures.
  • Ask questions before you have that bad feeling in your stomach – that may be too late.
  • Don’t shout at your computer, you’ll only make things worse.
  • Real Alternative – a replacement for Real Player
  • Pidgin IM – An all in one IM client
  • TrueCrypt – disk & file encryption

But seriously…

If you know me I’m either your goto guy for all things computer, or you may be mine. There are only a couple of guys that I have on my list, so it’s more likely the former.

Please call and ask before the computer is on fire or smoldering, by then it may be too late. There is nothing I hate worse than telling someone the last 4 years of family photographs is gone because the hubby downloaded and ran a bad program. I wish that wasn’t a true story.